Collateral Before Design Collateral Before Design

Marketing and Sales Collateral

Marketing collateral is the collection of media used to support the marketing and sales of your products or services. Historically, the term "collateral" referred to brochures or sell sheets, but today implies any sorts of multi-media products that enhance your brand.

We are able to quickly create any collateral you need for any situation. We can help you create the products, content and graphics that communicate a consistent message with a good balance of information, promotional content, and entertainment.

Use Cases:

  • Company Fact Sheet
  • Product/Service Fact Sheets
  • Team, Management or Founder Biographies
  • Product white papers
  • Client List
  • Sales brochures
  • Press Kit
  • Clip File (You in the media)
  • Printed and digital product information
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • Visual aids used in sales presentations
  • Web content
  • Sales scripts
  • Demonstration scripts
  • promotional pictures

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